Video Pro Tips: How to Communicate with Your Guide on the Flats

Establishing the “clock face” ensures that you and your guide are pointing in the same direction.

When you’re standing on the bow of a flats boat, things can happen pretty fast. One of the keys to success is good communication with your guide. Because he (or she) is better trained and has a higher vantage point, he’s probably going to. . .

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Video: Top 5 Flies for Redfish

The folks at Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver are adding a twist to their “Five Flies” videos by doing some that are species-specific, rather than month-specific. In the latest installment, Ivan Orsic and Alec Gerbec run . . .

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Pro Tips: Tom’s 5 Tips for Preparing for a Bonefish Trip

If you want to improve your chances of catching bonefish, work on the required
casting and angling skills before you head to the tropics.
Photo by Sandy Hays

I’ve watched even experienced trout anglers become frustrated, angry, and even embarrassed on bonefishing trips because they weren’t ready for the wind, difficult fish spotting, and unfamiliar directions given by a guide. Just a little preparation will make your. . .

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