Video: Surf and Inshore Fishing 2013—Islands

We posted the killer trailer for Pete Laurelli’s latest film, “SIFF:13 Islands,” back in December, and the full film is finally available. It’s incredible that Laurelli shoots and edits these. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Cinder Worm

In the Northeast, the cinder worm “hatch”—some folks call it a “swarm”—happens early in the season, offering anglers a first great chance of finding blitzing striped bass. These swarms can. . .

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Photos: A Travelin’ Man’s Belize Grand Slam

Getting the permit to the boat first was a great kickoff to a memorable day.
All photos courtesy Tom Gordon

Australian reader Tom Gordon sent in the three pictures that capture his recent Belize saltwater Grand Slam, along with a note: “Wind has been blowing a gale all week, but we decided to roll the dice and go out today in 20 knots and plenty of. . .

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Video: Bahamas Bonefish Boogie

Since we started the day with some lessons on saltwater gear, I thought I’d follow up with some sweet POV video that allows you to feel like you’re on the flats of The Bahamas, chasing bonefish.

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Photos of the Day: Bonus-Day Tarpon in Belize

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Arlington

Just when he thought he’d failed in his quest for a tarpon, a stroke of good fortune came Jim Lampros’s way.
Photo by Dan Davala

Last week, my good friend Jim Lampros (Fishing Manager at Orvis Cleveland) and I had the opportunity to escape the present Ice Age we’re in and fly south to El Pescador in Belize. We decided to spend the majority of our time hunting tarpon, which are. . .

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Photos of the Day: Getting Schooled on Louisiana Redfish

Written by: Peter Kutzer

This is one of the best reasons to leave Vermont in the winter.
Photo by Dave Yoder

Let’s face it, guides know more than you about fishing. Get over it. Ego in fishing is something that should be kept in check. This is something that was really driven home on my last trip to. . .

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