Top Posts of 2013, #8: Persistence Pays Off with Sheepshead

Sometimes youngsters don’t know how difficult something is, so they try anyway. . .and succeed.
Photo courtesy Van Dodgen

During this first full week of 2014, we’re counting down the Top 10 Posts of 2013. (Although, since the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival is almost always the most-read post of each week, we’ll disqualify the F5 from this contest.) We’ll repost two of the Top 10 per day, leading up to our announcement of the most-read post, on Friday afternoon. So stay tuned all week to see what resonated most with Orvis Fly Fishing readers last year. Here’s #8, in which a young angler managers to catch a. . .

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Fish Facts: Bonefish (Albula sp.)

Bonefish can be elusive and inscrutable to both anglers and scientists.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Sight-casting to bonefish in skinny water is a challenge that many fly fishers see as a vital rite of passage in their development. Once your angling skills reach a certain level, it’s time to test them against an especially spooky and powerful quarry, as well as. . .

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Video: Scientists Discover Amazing New Information on Where and How Bonefish Spawn

[Editor’s note: As popular as it is with sportsmen, the bonefish has been somewhat of a mystery to science, which still seeks some basic information about the fish’s life cycle and distribution. The fact that there is no commercial market for the species in this country means that the research dollars have been hard to come by. But recently, scientists working with. . .

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Photos of the Day: South Carolina Redfish in Skinny Water

Written by: Joel Murphy

Joel Murphy with a fine South Carolina redfish.
All photos courtesy Joel Murphy

[Editor’s Note: We got these photos from blog reader Joel Murphy yestereday. Looks like he had a good day chasing redfish.]

On Monday, I stalked tailing reds on the flats with Capt. Tuck Scott of Bay Street Outfitters based in Beaufort, South Carolina. Captain Scott put me into some great situations on these flats in. . .

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