Video: Killer Fly-Fishing Mixtape from Cuba

Apparently, these are the outtake scenes from a video of a trip to Cuba by the folks at The Fly Fishing Nation. These are some pretty damned good scenes to end up on the cutting room floor. I’m glad that they decided to scoop them up and edit them together.

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Video: Toe-to-Toe with a Giant Trevally

We’ve already posted a couple of trailers for the upcoming film “7 Degrees South.” (See here and here.) Now, we get a sneak peak at one incredible scene, in which an angler engages in a serious tug of war with a huge giant trevally. No reel-screaming runs allowed by this guy; instead, he puts the wood to the fish right off the bat and doesn’t let up. I’m exhausted just watching the fight.

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Photos: Banging on the Big Black Drum in Louisiana

Written by Lucas Bissett

Frank took this 29-pound tank after a very slow stalk.
Photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

Fishing for black drum is all about finding oysters. You find oysters and you find black drum. You have to fish slow, though: if you sit and wait for a few minutes when you get to your spot, you’ll see those tails start to pop up. Most of the time, these fish will muddy up the water when they are feeding, so it is. . .

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Photos of the Day: The Monsters of St. Brandon’s Atoll

Dave hoists an Indo-Pacific Permit, also known as the snub-nosed pompano.
All photos by Christiaan Pretorius 

Orvis vice chairman Dave Perkins and his wife Nancy Mackinnon recently took a trip to St Brandon’s Atoll off Mauritius, where they were hosted by FlyCastaway. As you can see, they had an. . .

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