Classic Video: Bulls on Top

You might want to close your office door before watching this, or your shouts of “Whoa!” and “Holy *#%$!” might bother your coworkers. Guide David Mangum has put together some. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Hook More Bonefish by Sight-Setting

Written by: Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

Knowing when to set the hook is a vital skill that will help you land more bonefish.
Photo courtesy H20 Bonefishing

When some anglers and experts talk about the requirements for successful bonefishing, there is an over-emphasis on casting and too little attention paid to proper hook-setting technique. Of course, you should practice casting, but don’t get too caught up . . .

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Video: Two Grand Slams in Two Days!

Here’s a cool video about an amazing experience in Belize, featuring Damien Nurre, general manager at Blue Horizon Lodge in Belize. Although he is by no means a saltwater specialist, Damien had incredible luck, scoring not one, but two grand slams . . .

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Discovering the Magic of Christmas Island

Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is a destination that inspires adventure, and it is a mecca for anglers around the world. The fishing on Christmas Island is like no other saltwater destination on the planet, with nearly two dozen . . .

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5 Tips for Planning a Saltwater Destination Trip

Although there’s still plenty of great trout fishing to be had in much of the country, it’s never too early to begin planning your next saltwater destination trip. While all types of fly-fishing trips tend to reward those who plan ahead, salt water can actively . . .

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5 Tips for Shallow-Water Permit

Permit are difficult–but not impossible–to catch on fly. They have big eyes, are more wary than bonefish, and are pickier than tarpon. There are numerous anglers who spend years in their quest to catch their first permit. These. . .

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