Video Pro Tips: How to Fight Big Fish from a Boat

Big-game fly-fishing expert and Orvis ambassador Conway Bowman shows an important tip when fighting big fish from a boat with a fly rod. It’s more about your entire body than just your arms, and he demonstrates how to keep pressure on a fish, so . . .

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Pro Tips: Keys to a Successful First Bonefish Trip

Anyone who reads fly-fishing magazines and websites knows that the bonefish is one of the real prestige species for saltwater anglers, but, despite the fact that I edited one of those magazines, I’d never even seen a bonefish in . . .

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Pro Tips: The Keys to Learning the Bonefish Game

Written by: Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

Catching a bonefish is an accomplishment for any angler, novice or expert.
Photo courtesy H20 Bonefishing

Every year, hundreds of new anglers join the migration to the tropics in search of what many consider to be one of the world’s finest light-tackle game fish: bonefish. Here in The Bahamas, we are fortunate to have hundreds of . . .

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Photos and Story: 3 Days on the Flats of Belize

Last week, I returned from my third visit to El Pescador Lodge in northern Belize. Obviously this trip was under different circumstances than my previous ones, so I had to take additional precautions to get there: I was . . .

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Photo Essay: Belize is Back in Business!

Our friend Ali Flota from El Pescador on Ambergris Caye in Belize reports that they had an excellent reopening week after the Belize government opened the international airport on October 1. She says that the travel felt very safe, . . .

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Video Pro Tip: Be Ready to Strip Strike!

Most anglers know that the transition from trout fishing to casting for saltwater or big-game species can be fraught with peril. The deaded “trout strike” has resulted in the loss of countless tarpon, . . .

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