Xander the Blind Pug is an Amazing Therapy Dog

Xander doesn’t let his disability hold him back.
Photo via viralnova.com

The website viralnova.com has a wonderful story/photo essay about a Pug named Xander who was born without eyes. He showed up at a shelter in Oregon a couple years ago, and it was immediately apparent that he more than made up for his lack of sight with a. . .

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Photos: Pit Bull Puppy Comforts Patients At Colorado Veterinary Clinic

Dominic lies with a dog who has just come out of surgery
Photo via huffingtonpost.com

Here’s a heartwarming story of a Pit Bull named Dominic who plays against type. Instead of living up to his breed’s stereotype, Dominic has been dubbed a “pro cuddler.” Still a puppy, at 18 months old, Dominic “works” at. . .

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Saving a Pregnant Dog and Her Pups

Sunny was a gal in trouble when she was rescued.
Photo by Utah Animal Adoption Center

When the Utah Animal Adoption Center in Salt Lake City saved a very pregnant Pit Bull from abuse, a Petfinder Foundation grant from Orvis helped pay for the mother’s and her seven puppies’ medical care.

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Washington Prisoners Take Dogs Scheduled for Death and Train Them for Forever Homes

Written by: Karen Diehm, Freedom Tails Editor/Photographer

Inmates work with their rescue dogs at Stafford Creek Corrections Center.
All photos by Karen Diehm

Since human’s interactions with our canine friends have shown to reduce stress and depression, Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC), located in Aberdeen, Washington, implemented the Freedom Tails program in 2009. Freedom Tails, working in conjunction with. . .

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Video: More than 100 Dogs Seized in Oregon Puppy-Mill Bust

After an inspection of a puppy mill in Columbia County, Oregon, revealed “shocking conditions,” rescuers from the Sheriff’s Department and Oregon Human Society moved in to seize more than. . .

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