Blind and Deaf Dogs Work Together to Overcome Their Disabilities

Eve and Dillon help each other get past their disabilities
Photo by ABCNews

Two best friends are working together to make life a little easier. Eve, a deaf mixed breed, and Dillon, a blind border collie blend, met this past year in a California shelter after each were abandoned by their owners. Now, the two pups have formed an inseparable team to combat their disabilities…

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Achieving Zero-Kill Status In American Shelters Is Within Reach

Too many shelter dogs await an uncertain fate where overpopulation is still a problem.
Photo via Wikipedia

My home state, New Hampshire, has a unique motto: “Live Free or Die.” Although Revolutionary War general John Stark had something else in mind when he wrote those words, it is easy to apply them to America’s animal-shelter problem. If there’s no place for dogs to live free, then thousands of them are euthanized every day across the country. But not in. . .

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Colorado Makes Shelter Dogs and Cats Its State Pets

Colorado honors shelter animals as its state pets.
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Back in March, schoolchildren testified before the Colorado Senate Education Committee in an attempt to make dogs and cats adopted from shelter and rescue centers the official state pet. On Monday, that idea became reality, when Gov. John Hickenlooper signed it into law with his own rescue dog, Sky, in the room. At the same ceremony, Hickenlooper also signed a bill requiring police officers to undergo. . .

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