Podcast: Stock Finishing, with Del Whitman

In another installment with Del Whitman of DC Whitman Custom Gunsmithing, Reid and Del explore the nuances of a best-quality oil stock finish. Though the two explore other finishing processes in brief, del primarily explains the fastidious process . . .

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Podcast: Custom Gun Fits

Reid uses this podcast to answer listener Steve Roberts’ question about left-handed gun fit, and what accommodations can be made by a company like Caesar Guerini to create a custom-fit gun. Reid explores the modifications that are possible to a . . .

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Podcast: Buying and Selling at Auction, with Jeremy Hatch

Reid and his old friend Jeremy Hatch go deep in exploring the mysteries of buying (and selling) guns at auction. Jeremy comes at the topic after a career in wingshooting and firearms which has culminated in his current position as firearms consultant . . .

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Podcast: The Value Proposition, with Greg Carpiniello

Reid joins Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello for another deep dive into guns. In this episode Reid and Greg discuss the realities of gun resale, aftermarket upgrades/customization, and the managing of expectations around pricing a gun for sale.

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Podcast: On the Sale of a Hard-Earned Gun

In this episode, Reid delves into his personal history buying and selling guns, and the reasons why some guns stick with us, and others don’t. He shares an old article on the subject that describes the process of acquisition, and . . .

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Finding the Right Gun Fit for Women Shooters

Written by: Megan Russo, Flatland Flyways

The author mounts the Syren Waterfowler, which is made to fit female hunters.
Photo courtesy Flatland Flyways

Here in South Dakota, we firmly believe that having a reliable and properly-fit gun is key, especially when that long-awaited flight of ducks or geese is cupped and finishing at your boot bags. . . .

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