Beyond the River: a Slovenia Fly-Fishing Film

Here’s a quirky but affecting film about living out your fly-fishing dreams, by Nofi Genet. Starting with a dream to use his filmmaking skills as a ticket to travel the world, he eventually fixates on Slovenia, spending the next two years dealing . . .

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Video: Slovenia’s Glorious Soca Valley

This is a glorious video shot on the waters of Slovenian’s Soca Valley, including some of the smaller tributaries. The crystal-clear water allows for incredible sight-fishing opportunities, and the scenes of big trout taking flies will . . .

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Photos: Sisters on the Water and a Father’s Pride

Written by: Matthew Calderaro,  Soca Cowboy

Sophia (left) shows off a fine rainbow, netted by her sister, Michaela.
Photos by Matthew Calderaro

As a father, you can only dream your children will follow in your footsteps and love the things you love. In my house, fly fishing is not a hobby. It is my life, it is my business, and it is my identity. . . .

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Classic Photo Essay: Losing My Marbles in Slovenia

My largest marble trout of the trip, caught in the Soča Canyon, put up a great fight.
Photos by Sandy Hays

The email from my friend in Slovenia, Matt Calderaro, had a pretty humdrum subject line: “to bring.” But when I opened the email, I had to read it a couple times before I fully. . .

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Trip Report and Photos: A Second Chance in Slovenia

Written by: Oliver Streuli, The International Hobbyist

The author’s first marble trout was the whole reason for the return to Slovenia.
Photos courtesy Oliver Streuli

It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes, but for our 7th annual fishing trip this year, Mark and I decided to revisit Slovenia. We had a great time last year, but we wanted another chance at. . .

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Video: Fighting Monster Marbles

Here’s a cool, short video from some Slovenian anglers who call themselves “Nature Freakz.” (What, no umlaut?) Fishing some gorgeous mountain streams, they hook and land some. . .

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