An Upstream Journey, Dispatch #4: Steelhead and Pacific Forage Fish

Written by: Paul Moinester

Wild steelhead populations cannot weather commercial-fishing assault on their open-ocean forage fish.
Photo courtesy Bryan Huskey

[Editor’s Note: Paul Moinester has embarked on a six-month, 20,000-mile adventure to exploring the upstream battle to protect wild fish and their habitat. He will be posting dispatches on the Fly Fishing blog throughout his journey.]

When it comes to catching steelhead, I don’t know much. What I know is that a steely resolve as tough as the fish you’re pursuing is paramount. And a willingness to stand in the pouring rain, waste deep in frigid water, swinging flies for hours and days on end without so much as a. . .

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A 1,000 Miles Campaign Update from Idaho’s Pole Creek

Written by:  R. Chad Chorney

Steelhead must travel hundreds of miles to reach Pole Creek. TU and Orvis are helping to ensure
that these gorgeous fish reach their spawning destinations.
Photo courtesy TU

[Editor’s note: Here’s an update on one of many projects being funded by the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign.]

In Idaho, chinook salmon, steelhead, and bull trout have all been listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. That’s the bad news.

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Video: Amazing Skeena Steelhead and Salmon

Here’s a pretty stunning video of fly-fishing the famed Skeena River in April, in which the Danish guys from Salmon Junkies hook and land some gorgeous steelhead and salmon. Things are warming up and heading into summer around here, but I’d be willing to go back to the chilly days of early spring if I could get a shot at fish like these.

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