Video Pro Tips: Fall Streamer Fishing

The arrival of fall brings lower, colder water conditions to most rivers. While this seasonal change can sometimes put a damper on hatches, it can also create ideal conditions for streamer fishing. In this educational video, released. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Use the Bump-Twitch Streamer Retrieve

In the spring, when rivers are often flowing high and fast, I rely on a technique known as the “bump-twitch,” a hybrid of nymphing and streamer fishing that uses a floating line and often incorporates aspects of each method during . . .

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In Praise of Ugly Flies: The Junk Yard Dog

Battenkill browns love hideous streamers, especially in the fall.
Photo by Phil Monahan

It was one of the driest Septembers on record in Vermont, and the Battenkill has been running very low—down around 150 cfs, which can stress the bigger fish. But recently, nighttime air temperatures have started dipping into the 40s, and the leaves on the. . .

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