All About “Wrinkle-Free” Pants

As perennial wardrobe staples, khakis and chinos are among the fashion industry’s greatest inventions. Comfortable, versatile, and good looking, they can be dressed up or down and are appropriate for work and any number of occasions. But not if they’re wrinkled. And that has always been a major drawback to old-style cotton khakis: you can wear them only once or twice and then they’re likely to become a crumpled mess. And who wants…

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Is This Business Casual?

As a dress code, ‘business casual’ is a moving target. In this fast-changing world, what is considered appropriate casual office attire today is different from what it was even just a year ago. Whether chinos, polos, capris, or jeans are business casual depends on where you work. Certain organizations and professions—especially, for example, in the legal or financial services industries, where face-to-face interactions with clients are the norm—demand a more formal office dress code than…

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Is Corduroy in Style for 2018?

By: Orvis Staff

As the weather becomes increasingly chilly, prompting you to take stock of your winter wardrobe, you may wonder: are corduroy pants in style for 2018? The answer—judging from fall 2017 fashion shows—is an emphatic yes. Attractive, comfortable, and warm, classic corduroy pants and jackets are always in style….

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