Photos: A Helios 3 High in the Swiss Alps

Written by: Sam Orvis, Manufacturing Engineer at the Orvis Rod Shop

The iconic Matterhorn loomed in the distance as Sam and Katy landed four species of fish.
Photo by Katy Orvis

A couple weeks ago, my wife, Katy, and I fished high in the Swiss Alps with a guide named Kirk who runs Fly Fish Zermatt. When Kirk first discovered that there was a healthy population of trout in . . .

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Trip Report: Fly-Fishing the Spectacular Bernese Alps

Written by: Oliver Streuli, Firebelly

Two scouting trips showed the author what great angling opportunites are available to those willing to hike.
All photos by Oliver Streuli, except where noted

A little over a year ago, I was standing in Lava Creek in Yellowstone National Park, casting a tattered Royal Wulff to eager brook trout with my Superfine Glass 3-weight. I did a ton of. . .

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