Book Excerpt: Chasing Juvenile Tarpon through Yucatan Mangroves

I can’t help but think of Heart of Darkness as guide Carlos Castillo from Costa Maya Lodge pushes my companion Geoff Roach and me through a tunnel in the mangrove swamps that envelop. . .
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Video: Killer Video About Saltwater Fishing in Cuba

[vimeo 76133076 640 360]
Oh my. This is a totally adrenaline-filled teaser made by a French travel agency called Planet Fly Fishing. Featuring tarpon, bonefish, and permit, this footage focuses only on the action, and. . .
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Photos: A Travelin’ Man’s Belize Grand Slam

Getting the permit to the boat first was a great kickoff to a memorable day.
All photos courtesy Tom Gordon
Australian reader Tom Gordon sent in the three pictures that capture his recent Belize saltwater Grand Slam, along with a note: "Wind has been blowing a gale all week, but we decided to roll the dice and go out today in 20 knots and plenty of. . .
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Photos of the Day: Bonus-Day Tarpon in Belize

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Arlington
Just when he thought he'd failed in his quest for a tarpon, a stroke of good fortune came Jim Lampros's way. Photo by Dan Davala
Last week, my good friend Jim Lampros (Fishing Manager at Orvis Cleveland) and I had the opportunity to escape the present Ice Age we're in and fly south to El Pescador in Belize. We decided to spend the majority of our time hunting tarpon, which are. . .
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Video: Living the “Low Life” in Southwestern Florida

[vimeo 82794867 640 360]
We kick the short week off with this cool saltwater video from the mangroves off Naples, Florida. The low tides of winter mean that the redfish are plentiful and the big snook come to play!
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Photo of the Day: Interns Imitate an Iconic Image

SCOTF Interns recreate an angling scene in the company offices in North Carolina. Photo courtesy SCOTF
Steve Seinberg from Southern Culture on the Fly sent us the above photo, along with a note: . . .
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Photos of the Day: A Keys Super Slam from the SUP

This sweet bonefish ate a heavy permit fly the second it hit the water. Photo courtesy Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis of the Skinny Water Culture blog sent in these great photos from a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Florida Keys with this friend, Alex. They were after bonefish, but they found a whole. . .
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Video: Killer Fly-Fishing Mixtape from Cuba

[vimeo 75290517 640 360]
Apparently, these are the outtake scenes from a video of a trip to Cuba by the folks at The Fly Fishing Nation. These are some pretty damned good scenes to end up on the cutting room floor. I'm glad that they decided to scoop them up and edit them together.
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