5 Questions with Capt. Sally Ann Black

Tucked in the bottom corner of the Lone Star State, Baffin Bay is home to trophy-size seatrout and redfish, drawing anglers from around the country. (Not to be confused with Canada’s Baffin Bay, thousands of miles to the north.) Capt. Sally Ann Black has . . .

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Pro Tips: Top 5 Topwater Flies for Largemouth Bass

Few things in fly-fishing are as exciting as watching a largemouth bass smash a fly on the surface, and Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides gets to watch this spectacle more than most anglers. Based in Austin, Texas, Dedeaux was a 2016 Orvis-Endorsed . . .

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Classic Pro Tips: 7 Keys to Catching River Bass

Written by Winston Cundiff, All Water Guides

River bass require a specialized set of skills and tactics that are very different from those of trout fishing.
All photos courtesy Winston Cundiff

I recently read a “how-to” article about bass fishing on the fly and watched an older video that put tournament gear fisherman alongside a fly guy in the Sacramento Delta. Both were very. . .

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