Infographic: Is That a Real Service Dog?

We have posted many times about the problems caused by people who try to pass off their pets as service animals to gain entry to restaurants, businesses, and even airplanes. Because pets . . .

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Video: A Big Therapy Dog Makes a Big Impact

Four-year-old Bandit is a rescue Great Dane, and he’s doing his part to help veterans and their families in Missouri. He seems to be just one of those dogs who can make everyone around. . .

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Video: Inspirational Dogs Help Kids Heal in Physical Therapy

Nine-year-old Sophia gets a boost from Handsome, a deaf therapy dog, during physical therapy sessions.
Photo Courtesy Akron Children’s Hospital

Here’s a beautiful story to help wipe away the taste of that last one: When children have to go through intensive physical therapy at a hospital in Akron, Ohio, they often get a bit of. . .

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Colorado Cracks Down on Fake Service Dogs

The problem of fake service dogs may be reaching a boiling point across the U.S>
Photo via

We have posted many times about the problems posed by dog owners who try to pass their pets off as service dogs, just so the animals can have access to places where they’re not. . .

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The Joys of Turning Your Pet into a Therapy Dog

Illustration by Paul Rogers via

A great blog post on the New York Times website describes how Jane E. Brody recognized the therapeutic potential of a five-month-old Havanese puppy that she adopted in 2014. She. . .

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Woman Flies Across Country To Adopt A Very Special Dog

Dill the rescue dog has a deformed front leg that some might think makes him unadoptable.

Here’s a beautiful story about a sweet rescue dog named Dill, who unfortunately has a deformed leg. Such a disability might put off some would-be adopters, but it didn’t stop Jess Street from. . .

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Ivy League Therapy-Dog Program is a Model for the World

Therapy dogs like Pippa help Yale students combat the stressful nature of attend such a high-powered institution.
Photo via The Yale Daily News

Yale University is world-famous for its quality education and an impressive list of graduates, which means that expectations are high for students at the Ivy League school. And with those. . .

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