Video: How to Tie the Wood-Duck Scud

For those anglers who fish tailwaters or spend time trying to catch trout during winter, scud imitations are vital. But these little crustaceans also exist in lakes, ponds, and spring. . .

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Classic Video: How to Tie the Sulphur Usual

The original Usual dry fly was created by Fran Betters of Wilmington, New York, who specialized in fishing the fast water of the West Branch of the Au Sable. To do so, he needed flies that. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Goddard Caddis

goddard caddis

The Goddard Caddis floats like a cork and has a realistic silhouette.
photo courtesy Tightline productions

The Goddard Caddis was the result of a true collaborative project. English fly-fishing author John Goddard (who sadly passed away at the end of last year) and his angling pal, Clive Henry, came up with an idea for a stillwater pattern. They thought that a fly with a spun deer-hair body could be clipped into shape to mimic the body silhouette of a caddisfly. To a fish below, this sharp silhouette would look delicious. They relayed their idea to American tier Andre Puyans, who created the first prototype of what was to become the. . .

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Let the Fur Fly

This is a great tying video—produced by Tightline Productions—which shows how to tie an interesting nymph using layers of rabbit fur for the abdomen to give the pattern the same wiggly motion as the natural. The video begins with underwater footage of the nymphs you’re trying to. . .

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