The Case for Catch-and-Release Fishing on a Southwestern Gem, and How You Can Help

Written by: Noah Parker, Land of Enchantment Guides

The wild brown-trout fishery in three tailwater sections of the Chama River deserve protection.
All photos courtesy Noah Parker

We would like to propose the implementation of catch-and-release fishing regulations and areas on the Chama River’s three tailwater stretches (below the dams at Heron, El Vado, and Abiquiu Reservoirs). This would be an important first step in protecting the long-term. . .

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Video: The Jewels of Little Mountain, Wyoming

I have rarely seen a five-minute video packed with so many themes important to fly fishers: conservation, trout habitat, public fly-fishing opportunities, family, youth involvement, women in the sport, and so on. It’s really. . .

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