Video Tuesday Tip: How to Clean Your Fly Rod

My friend Harry Murray—of Murray’s Fly Shop in Edinburg, Virginia—has posted a bunch of how-to videos recently. In this one, he talks about how he cleans his fly rods at the end of. . .

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Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Double Haul

In this lesson, Peter explains why the double haul is useful for adding distance to the cast and taking pressure off your casting arm and wrist. Then he demonstrates exactly what you need to do for a successful double haul, from the. . .

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Video Tuesday Tip: The Basics of Catching Carp on a Fly

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

Carp fishing, while available to nearly anyone close to home, is not easy. It’s challenging, which is why people love them so much (in addition to the fact that they fight like demons.) To help. . .

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Video Tuesday Tip: How to Make an Aerial Mend

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to make aerial mends in your line, creating an upstream or downstream mend before your. . .

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Tuesday Tip: Gearing Up for Big Alaskan Rainbows

A beautifully spotted rainbow from Contact Creek in Katmai National Park.
Photo by Greg Senyo

Chasing trophy rainbow trout in Alaska is one of the great experiences in fly fishing, but the process can be different from what you’re used to on your home water. If you’re heading to a. . .

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Tuesday Tip: Getting Ready for Pacific Northwest Steelhead

Written by: Leland Miyawaki, former Fishing Manager at Orvis Bellevue (WA)

The author with a beautiful, bright Pacific Northwest steelhead.
Photo courtesy Leland Miyawaki

Skagit, Hoh, Sol Duc, Grande Ronde, Clearwater, Dean, Thompson, Skeena—all names that conjure up visions of big, bright, chrome steelhead. Big fish caught on the swing: Nothing comes close to releasing a fly fisher’s adrenaline as. . .

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Tuesday Tip: Tom Rosenbauer on How to Set the Hook

Knowing how to correctly set the hook will mean more fish brought to hand.
Photo courtesy Tyler Atkins

Most fish lost in fly-fishing are lost either at the moment you strike or when you attempt to land them. Playing a fish on a fly rod is a relatively simple matter of making the fish work against the spring of the rod until the fish gets. . .

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