Top 10 Early-Spring Patterns for Montana Trout

Written by: John Way, The Tackle Shop

Here’s a gorgeous early-spring rainbow from a Southwestern Montana river.
Photo courtesy The Tackle Shop

While we are still a couple months from spring, sometimes those El Nino-fueled winds bring warm days to the river, and the fishermen start to wake up. Good fishing can be found across much of . .

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Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Land, Revive, and Release Large Fish

While you’re taking a photo, the fish should be out of the water just a few seconds.
Photo courtesy ASF

Here’s a great lesson on how to land, revive, and release large fish. It was created by the Atlantic Salmon Federation and its partners in the Quebec government, so it’s focused on Salmo salar. But you can easily see how these techniques apply to. . .

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