Video: Beaver Island Turkey Hunt

Here’s a gorgeous video of spring turkey hunt on Michigan’s Beaver Island. It does a great job of capturing the calm of the early morning woods and the pleasures of watching. . .

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When It Comes to Turkey Hunting, Proving Naysayers Wrong Is a Powerful Motivator

Written by: Scott McEnaney, Eastern ELOG Fishing Director

The author with a fine Vermont Tom.
Photo courtesy Scott McEnaney

[Editor’s note: Here’s a great story from our colleague Scott McEnaney to kick off our 2014 turkey-season coverage. Check out our new Spring Turkey collection at

I am one of those people who tends to immerse himself in something once I start it. I got a taste of turkey hunting from a friend who took me out on a mid-May morning. He put about five jakes in front of me and I was paralyzed. From then on, I was ruined.

I spent all of my waking hours scouting, walking, snowshoeing, knocking on doors asking permission, and even…calling. I listened to CDs, I watched videos by YouTube “experts,” and I sought advice from friends. I was bound and determined to. . .

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