Guide Profiles: Michael Browning (Maine)

As a young boy, I was exposed to upland hunting early in life by my father and grandfather, who would bring me along as they hunted Ruffed grouse and Woodcock up here in the North Maine woods. In those days, I would hunt. . .

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Guide Profiles: Cole Stewart (Virginia)

I began hunting birds at a young age. Growing up in Northwestern North Carolina, inspiration wasn’t hard to find. My first experience was going for doves with my dad in big corn fields. Watching them come in kept me on the edge. . .

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Guide Profiles: Karen Syron (Idaho)

I was 18 when I started ruffed grouse hunting in Northern Idaho near where I grew up in Coeur d’Alene, and to this day, it’s still my favorite place to hunt. I came to work here at the Flying B Ranch 17 years ago as a temporary. . .

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Upland Photo: Opening Day!

This is a photo of our very first upland hunt in the 2022 season. To beat the heat of a warm, extended summer, we began hunts at 5 a.m. with these guests so that our dogs could hunt hard (the only way they hunt) without jeopardizing their health. Despite . . .

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Story and Photos: Copa Returns to Montana . . . Again

In the fall of 2020, Orvis President Simon Perkins recognized that his beloved companion, Copa, was coming to the end of her days as a hunting dog. He wanted to give her a chance to return to the Montana prairies of her youth one last time, to . . .

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Podcast: Sporting Dog Nutrition, with Karl Gunzer

Photo courtesy Karl Gunzer

On today’s podcast, Reid interviews Karl Gunzer, Sr. Manager – Sporting Dog Group at Nestle/Purina. After a successful career as a retriever trialer and trainer, Gunzer took a job . . .

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Photo Essay: Hunting the Gray Ghost of the Wyoming Sage

Written by: Edgar Castillo

The sage grouse is a quarry worth traveling for, and we must help preserve its habitat.
Photos by Edgar Castillo

Memories still abound from my 2017 trek from Kansas to the Wyoming high desert in search of the sage grouse. I had forgone my annual early-season chase for prairie chickens across the Flint . . .

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