Photo Essay: Thoughts on Training Dogs

Tish and Martha doing some hilltop chilling with clients.
All photos courtesy Dave Brown

I think we all can agree that dogs are man’s best friend. For those of us who spend a a lot of time with working dogs, this unique relationship between man and beast holds true. They sense your mood, and when push comes to shove, they are quick to perform. In a weird sense they become. . .

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Orvis Sandanona: Interns with Guns Edition

Orvis intern Henry Miles lines up a clay pigeon at the Sandanona wing-shooting grounds.
Photo by Grant White

On Friday, as my intern friends from school crunched numbers and tweeted “TGIF,” I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Sandanona Shooting Grounds in Millbrook, New York. It’s how The Orvis Company does. . .

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Video: Chukar Hunt, with a Side of History

Here’s a beautifully shot video of a chukar hunt in the snowy foothills of Western Idaho. Interspersed with the hunting scenes are informative vignettes with renowned writer Ron Spomer, who gives a little history of how chukar came to the U.S., as well as some tips for finding the birds.

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