Video: Utah Introduces Native Cutthroat Slam Program

Written by: Spencer Durrant

The Bonneville Cutthroat is one of four species native to Utah.
Photo courtesy UDWR

After nearly two decades of work, a Utah cutthroat slam is becoming a reality for anglers interested in catching and learning more about the Beehive State’s native cutthroat trout. Many Western. . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LXVI: Brett Prettyman

Brett Prettyman shows off an Alaskan Dolly Varden, a fish he’d dreamed about since childhood.
Photos courtesy Brett Prettyman

Brett Prettyman spent twenty-five years as the outdoor writer, editor, and columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune. He also produced, directed and hosted “The Utah Bucket List” and “The. . .

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Environmental Catastrophe Averted on Utah’s Provo River

Written by: Spencer Durrant and Brian Wimmer

Oil pools above the Provo River, as workers race against time to stop the spill.
Photos courtesy Scott Hart

Every fly fisher’s nightmare is some sort of spill in his home water. One’s thoughts go immediately to dark places, in which fish die and habitat is destroyed. But here’s a good reminder that. . .

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Video: Rolling Into the Green River

Fly-fishing Utah’s Green River in Flaming Gorge is usually done from a drift boat, but these anglers bike their way in to find wadable water away from the crowds of waders near the. . .

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Video: Through the Woods

This trip really came from a desire to create something that we could all really get behind. We wanted to make a short feature narrative, and we weren’t out to just stand around and film a. . .

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Video: One Day North for Cutthroats

Three amigos from Salt Lake City head north to fish some great cutthroat waters in this sweet video from Fly Smart Media. Gorgeous mountain scenery and pretty water offer a great. . .

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Photos of the Day: Chasing Arctic Grayling and Native Cutthroats in the Utah High Country

Written by: Mike Mazzoni

Mike Mazzoni shows off the spectacular dorsal fin of a Utah grayling.
All photos by Mike Mazzoni

Once again, I find myself enjoying a sort of fly-fishing novelty: targeting arctic grayling, like chasing carp, is often overshadowed by eastern Utah’s superb trout fisheries. Grayling have a special place in my fly fishing memories; while working in Colorado four years ago, I landed an arctic grayling, a rare catch in a fishery known mostly for its. . .

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Video: Work That Pizza Butt!

I wonder if, when he was writing “Pizza Butt,” MC Chris imagined that it would one day be the soundtrack for a video about fly-fishing for cutthroat trout in Utah. I doubt it. But the catchy. . .

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