Orvis Trout Bum of the Week XXXI: Dave Danley

The still waters around Falcon’s Ledge, where Dave works, hold some gorgeous, big trout.
All photos courtesy Dave Danley

Dave Danley—operations manager at Falcon’s Ledge in Altamont, Utah—is a Utah native and has fished and guided our home waters nearly his entire life. Having earned a degree from Utah State University in. . .

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Photos: Sibling Rivalry on the River, Utah Brown Trout Edition

Written by: Dave Danley, Falcons Ledge

Jason Danley shows off a sweet Utah brown that fell for a Pheasant Tail Nymph.
Photo by Dave Danley

On Saturday afternoon, a couple weeks ago, we had a little spare time, so I called my brother, Jason, and told him to meet me at a river near Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. I loaded up my fishing bag, Helios 2 fly rod, and my two boys, and we. . .

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Video: High-Desert Fly Fishing for Wild Trout

Here’s a cool video about fishing a tiny stream in the high Utah(?) desert for small, wild trout. (I’m guessing Utah based on the videographers’ previous visit to Yuba Reservoir.) I love small-stream, dry-fly fishing, and. . .

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Photos: Utah’s Gorgeous High-Country Trout

Written by: Brayden Flake

The rewards for hiking above 11,000 feet are solitude and great fly fishing.
All photos courtesy Brandon Flake

The great weather we’ve had recently in Utah has had me longing for summer, while I sit inside and study. These photos were taken up in some of Utah’s high country, where my wife and I went backpacking last summer. She’s not as much of. . .

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Fish Story: Stalking Big Browns in Skinny Water

Written by: Tim Jenkins

Many of Utah’s tiny streams hold big, fat brown trout.
Photo courtesy Falcons Ledge

Utah fly fishing tends to get overlooked quite frequently as a fly fishing destination. I think this is mainly due to its proximity to other stellar fishing states (ID, MT, CO, WY) who hold epic reputations for big water and big fish. In addition, . . .

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Photos: A Guide’s View of An Orvis Meeting on the Water

Written by: Bryan Eldredge

Doug Bear hoists an unusual, and unusually big, rainbow.
All photos by Bryan Eldredge

Fishing with Bill Reed, Doug Best, and Doug Bear was a real treat. Guides meet people of all kinds of skill and ability, but rarely do you get a chance to spend the day with three anglers as talented these guys. I love teaching novice anglers, but it was sure fun to watch this group just take a river apart. Even better, we got to. . .

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