Photos: Late-Season Dry Flies on the Battenkill

This wild brook trout fell for a blue-winged olive imitation fished on a long, fine leader.
All photos by Robin Hill

It’s been a tough fall for anglers on the Battenkill, as drought conditions include extremely low and clear water. But last weekend, my friend Doug Lyons found that cooler temperatures had made . . .

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Photo of the Day: A Green-Mountain Native Son

Size isn’t everything. Native trout display some spectacular colors.
Photo by Phil Monahan

As part of my “20 September Days” project, I’ve been getting out at lunchtime to fish the gorgeous mountain stream just five minutes from Orvis HQ in southwestern Vermont. In recent days, I . . .

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Classic Story: “Taking Your Chances” with Brown Trout

This is the picture I should have been posting, but alas I didn’t “take my chance” when it
presented itself. So I must be content with this imaginary brown trout.
Photo-illustration by James Daley

In this country, the phrase “to take your chances” usually means to try something that may end up being a disaster—as in “You’re taking your chances driving on those bald tires.” But across. . .

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Photos: The Orvis Pond Wakes Up

My first rainbow of the year chased down my PT as I stripped it across the deepest part of the pond.
Photo by Phil Monahan

One of the many great things about working at the Orvis Mothership here in Sunderland, Vermont, is the sweet little pond we have on the property. Nothing beats spending a few minutes at. . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LXIII: Jason Gragen

The author on his way into the woods to visit one of myriad backcountry streams he fishes.
Photos courtesy Jason Gragen

Jason Gragen is an elementary school teacher from Vermont. When he’s not chasing brook trout, you’re likely to find him hiking, hunting for ruffed grouse and woodcock, ice fishing, . . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LXII: Kubie Brown

Since moving out West, Kubie has spent a lot of time chasing cutthroat trout in Montana and Wyoming.
Photos courtesy Kubie Brown

Kubie Brown is a Vermont native who used to man the fly-fishing desk at the Orvis flagship store in Manchester, but he has since moved to Montana to pursue his fly fishing dreams. He is. . .

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Video: Fly Fishing Vermont’s Longest River

It’s always fun to run into a good fly-fishing video shot right here in the Green Mountain State. Otter Creek is the longest river in Vermont, running some 112 miles from the western slopes. . .

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Video: Fall Brown Trout in Vermont

Ever fished in flipflops and a down jacket? Here’s a cool video from northern Vermont that captures the essence of fall in the Northeast. Emerson Jessup fishes the Lamoille River and. . .

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