Photos: A Great Father-Son Day on Otter Creek

Written by: Jim Lendway

Orvis’s Jim Lendway is all smiles after landing this beauty from Otter Creek.
All photos courtesy Jim Lendway

A recent Sunday on Vermont’s Otter Creek with my son Joe was very wet and equally as unforgettable. The 20-plus-inch brown put up a great fight, coming out of the water twice and nearly putting me into my. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Late Season Brown Trout to Remember

Written by: Brian Burkholder

Doug Robidoux shows off his late-season White River brown trout, which fell for a Soft Hackle.
Photo by Brian Burkholder

[Editor’s note: We love it when readers send in their photos and the stories behind them. We dig it just a little more when the fish is from our own backyard.]

I’ve been prodding my buddy, Doug Robidoux, to submit this photo of the brown trout he caught recently, and he’s finally. . .

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Photo Essay: Writers’ Retreat at Orvis and in the Catskills

Some of the biggest names in the fly-fishing press—of both the online and “dead tree” variety—get ready
to tour the Orvis Rod Shop in manchester, Vermont. How many can you name?
All photos by Brian O’Keefe

Last week, Orvis hosted a large group of fly-fishing writers, editors, and photographers for a few days of meetings and a tour of the Rod Shop, followed by a trip to the Catskills to wet a line. One of the great things about this business is. . .

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Trip Report: The Road That Was Never There

Written by Jackie Jordan

Jackie, Kelly, and Kit (left to right) may have had a few more adventures than they’d counted on, but they still had a blast chasing trout in southwestern Vermont.
All photos by Jackie Jordan

It’s amazing how easily some things can hide in plain sight. From big fish and small streams to unexplored roads and secret spots, the familiar becomes routine, then it all blends into the background of a work commute or run to the store. If you keep your eyes open—and, in my case, rely on some excellent advice—you’ll be surprised at what you can. . .

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Photos: Summer School With Phil Monahan

Victory! Hardly a monster, but they are beautiful.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Yesterday, I had the privilege of accompanying Phil Monahan to a rural Vermont stream in pursuit of native brook trout. An expensive fishing getaway? More like lunch break at The Orvis Company. As a social media intern here at Orvis, I’m working closely with Orvis News, which means Phil is kind of my boss. During our one-hour break, we fished several small pools on the stream, which is. . .

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Photos: “River Monsters” Filmed in Vermont!

“River Monsters” host Jeremy Wade shows off a gar with guide Drew Price
All photos courtesy Drew Price

A few weeks ago, we posted about an episode of “River Monsters” that focused on tarpon in Nicaragua. That was cool, but it’s even more exciting that part of this week’s episode was actually filmed right in our back yard, and Jeremy Wade was guided by none other than. . .

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