Monument to War Dogs to be Dedicated on Veterans Day

The monument to war dogs and their handlers will be dedicated during a ceremony today.

We have posted many times about the bravery and loyalty exhibited by military war dogs over the past hundred years. . .as well as the failures of humans to care for these dogs after their. . .

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Video: Iraq Vet and the Dog He Served with Are Reunited

Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson and Robby together in the war zone.
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Here’s a wonderful, short video that shows the moment that Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson was reunited with the dog he served with, Robby. Simpson retired last year, and Robby continued. . .

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Video: US Marine Reunited with Dog Who Saved His Life

When Lance Corporal Bradley O’Keefe woke up after being injured by an IED in Afghanistan, his first question was, “Where’s Earl?” But as far as anyone knew, the bomb-sniffing dog, O’Keefe’s partner, was nowhere to be found. The story of how. . .

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Video: Saying Goodbye to a War Hero Dog

We post a lot about the incredible bonds that form between soldiers and dogs when they work together in the field. Here’s a very touching story about what happens when it’s time to say goodbye forever. When Ryan Anderson’s service in Afghanistan ended, he knew he’d be bringing his partner, bomb-sniffing dog Freddie, home to live with him. After four tours of duty, Freddie had saved countless lives, and he deserved a. . .

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Video: Marine Gets Surprise Reunion with the Dog He Served With

Here’s a great story of a young marine who, after his tour of duty ended, vowed to find the bomb-sniffing dog he served with in Afghanistan. When he discovered that the dog, Casey, was working for the Iowas fire marshal, Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach of Madison, Wisconsin, set in motion the process for reclaiming her. Last week, he thought he was. . .

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