“Same Time Next Year,” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply
Fishing the "Big Lake" for smallmouths was twice an annual tradition for Bill Tapply. Photo courtesy Colin McKeown, of The New Fly Fisher 
It was shortly after the arrival of the new year—the snow drifts around the north side of my barn stood eight feet deep, and the red stuff in the thermometer outside my kitchen window was . . .
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Video Pro Tip: How to Build a Tooth-Proof Wire Leader

Conway Bowman knows a thing or two about fishing to toothy predators. (See the video below.) Whether you're fishing for mako sharks or pickerel, you need something to stop the teeth. . .
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Photos and Video: Epic Early-Season Smallmouths in Ontario

Written by: Mark Melnyk, The New Fly Fisher
Big smallmouths gorge on baitfish--and surface flies--during the early season. All photos courtesy The New Fly Fisher
We left the house at 5 a.m., sunroof open, windows wide. It was unseasonably warm for the middle of spring, and we were loving it. The sun beat down for the entire trip, the music was turned up, and the air of angling . . .
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Fish Facts: Largemouth Bass, a.k.a Ol’ Bucketmouth

Illustration by Duane Raver via USFWS
Among the more widely distributed game fish in North America, and now around the world, the largemouth bass is prized for its aggressive feeding habits and violent strikes. A big bass blowing up the water around a popper chugging across flat water is. . .
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Video: How to Catch Pike and Musky on a Fly

Catching a big pike or musky on a fly is considered by many to be one of the best experiences you can have with a fly rod. These fish are super aggressive, and their strikes are often vicious and explosive. In this . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Fly-Fish for Bass

Back in August, we featured a cool profile of angler Jeff Currier in a Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, and here he offers some of his top tips for bass fishing with a fly rod. From choosing the right gear to casting big flies to making sure you land the . . .
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Podcast: Late-Season Smallmouths, with Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz shows off a bruiser bronzeback. Photo courtesy Mike Schultz
Do you stop fishing for smallmouth bass when summer ends? If you do, you could be missing the best bass fishing of the year and the chance at your biggest smallmouth. Mike Schultz–of . . .
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Pro Tips: How to Fly Fish for Longnose Gar

Written by: Drew Price
Drew Price with his personal-best longnose gar, which measured 48 inches long. Photo courtesy Drew Price
The first time I ever saw a longnose gar, I was a child visiting a public aquarium, and I was mesmerized by the fish’s unusual shape and elongated mouth. Lake Champlain has a . . .
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