Pro Tips: 3 Essential Flies for Smallmouth Bass

A mentor of mine once told me to always be prepared to attack the water column in three distinct areas—surface, sub-surface, and bottom—no matter how the water initially reads or presents itself. Fish are inevitably going to be feeding in one of those . . .

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Classic Video: Desert Bass & Bull Bluegills

Here’s the latest installment of the “Buffet Series” from Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle. In this video, they head for the desert, where they find sand, sun, lizards, and some killer fly fishing for largemouth bass and bluegills. The . . .

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Video: How to Tie Tap’s Bug

Last week, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions offered a primer on how to trim spun deer hair, and today’s pattern is a classic bass bug on which you can try these skills. Tap’s Bug was the creation of H.G. “Tap” . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Bully Bluegill Spider

The Bully Bluegill Spider is the creation of fly tier Terry Wilson, and it was first introduced to the wider community in the 1999 book that Terry wrote with his wife, Roxanne, Bluegill Fly. . .

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Warmwater Tips: Bass Go Ga-Ga for Gurglers

Written by: Preston Ailor

The Gurgler provided just the right action and commotion to draw strikes.
Photos by Preston Ailor

I have a problem. I look through fly-fishing magazines and catalogs the same way teenage boys look at Kardashians’ Instagram accounts. One day, looking through the Orvis fly catalog, I . . .

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Fish Facts: Largemouth Bass, a.k.a Ol’ Bucketmouth

Illustration by Duane Raver via USFWS

Among the more widely distributed game fish in North America, and now around the world, the largemouth bass is prized for its aggressive feeding habits and violent strikes. A big bass blowing up the water around a popper chugging across flat water is. . .

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Podcast: How To Find Great Carp Fishing

In our campaign to take pressure off our over-stressed trout rivers during this hot, dry summer, I figured a great topic would be how to find carp-fishing spots. Not every place that holds carp . . .

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