Pro Tips: How to Introduce Kids to Wingshooting

Whenever I’m asked how to introduce kids to wingshooting, I always think back to my son, Preston and how he came to be a bird hunter. First, simply start the conversation with your kid. If there is no interest, the learning process may be like pulling teeth . . .

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Podcast: The Road Less Traveled, with Tim and Joanne Linehan

Reid speaks once more with his friends Tim and Joanne Linehan of Linehan Outfitting in Montana’s Yaak Valley. Tim and Joanne tell the story of building an outfitting business, and a life, in one of the most remote parts of the Lower 48. A bit about the . . .

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Podcast: Go West, Young Man

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid describes his recent hunting experiences and takes a moment to reflect on the season that has passed. He also provides some new ways to . . .

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Podcast: Wingshooting Guide School, with BJ Walle

Professional wingshooting guide BJ Walle joins Reid in a philosophical look at what it means to be a guide. BJ, who has been a key member of the guide staff at Idaho’s Flying B Ranch for nearly twenty years, shares insights on what it takes to be . . .

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Five Mantras for Upland Success

Success in the grouse woods requires a combination of practice and instinct.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Here in our neck of the woods, upland hunting opens earlier than in most areas of the state, with grouse season kicking off on the 20th of September. Although I do hunt these early-season. . .

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Pro Tips: End-of-Season Gun Safety

Written by: Jennifer Miller, Greystone Castle

Wingshooters need to ensure that they stay safety-conscious throughout the season.
All photos courtesy Greystone Castle

As the wingshooting season winds down, many hunters are trying to book last-minute trips to get one more hunt under their belts. Hunters often start the season sharp on safety but tend to. . .

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Pro Tips: Finding Your Target

Written by: James Ross, Chief Shooting Instructor

Recently, I have heard a few shooters, on the front deck, chattering about different shootings styles and techniques. One conversation struck me as particularly odd. A gentleman mentioned to his friend that recently he had made a big breakthrough with his shooting. His friend inquired as to. . .

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