Pro Tips: How to Introduce Kids to Wingshooting

Whenever I’m asked how to introduce kids to wingshooting, I always think back to my son, Preston and how he came to be a bird hunter. First, simply start the conversation with your kid. If there is no interest, the learning process may be like pulling teeth . . .

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Video: Project Upland Season 3 Trailer

Stan VanArsdel has been chasing birds across the Pacific Northwest for over fifty years. When he’s not operating his commercial fishing boat in Alaska, riding his horse across Eastern Washington, . . .

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Video: Flush in the Wild

This great video from Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters follows Iraq War Veteran Erik Packard into the Boundary Waters for his first grouse hunt. When Erik returned from duty, he suffered from PTSD. After struggling for years, Erik experienced the healing powers of wilderness during a Voyageur Outward Bound School trip in the Boundary Waters. … Continue reading “Video: Flush in the Wild”

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Discover the New Orvis Shooting Grounds at Pursell Farms

Visitors to Pursell Farms can experience southern wingshooting at its best.
Photo via

This is the opportunity we have been dreaming of in the southeast for a long time. After a year of collaborating, planning, designing, and building, it is finally here. Orvis is proud to introduce its. . .

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Video: Mearns’ Quail in Arizona

This video is a good example of what you might see during a typical day of Mearns’ quail hunting. Filmed in Arizona by Dave Brown and Jared Nelson of Dave Brown Outfitters, the video. . .

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Video: The Tuff and Will Show

Written by: Mark Nissen, Classic Bird Hunts

This is my 16 year old grandson, Will Ullrich, of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, experiencing his first ever quail flush on the Babacomari Ranch in Elgin, Arizona last January. Brittanys Tuff and. . .

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