5 Tips for Winter Fishing in the Driftless

The 2022 trout season has ended here in Wisconsin, but come the first Saturday of 2023 (January 7th this year) we’ll be right back at it. Every year I look forward to the trout opener like a kid waiting for Christmas. This is a great time. . .

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Podcast: Modern Smallmouth Secrets, with Tim Landwehr

This week, my guest is Tim Landwehr, of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company, in De Pere, Wisconsin. Tim has decades of experience guiding for smallmouth bass and is co-author of the book Smallmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics, and . . .

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Pro Tips: Top 10 Flies for Winter in the Driftless Area

Written by: Dave Barron, Jacquish Hollow Angler

Winter is a great time to fish the rivers and spring creeks of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. You can have the spring creeks all to yourself, the water is clear, and the fish are hungry. There are a few things . . .

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Video: Why Chase Muskies on the Fly?

Have you ever wondered why some fly fishers become obsessed with catching a musky? Well this video goes a long way toward explaining that phenomenon, and it includes a cool interview with . . .

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Story and Photos: Learning to Love The Driftless Area

Written by: Len Harris, Jr.

The tiny spring creeks of the driftless hold some of the most colorful browns you could imagine.
Photos by Len Harris, Jr.

Many folks don’t know the meaning of the term driftless. It is an area in the Midwest–comprising parts of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin–that was not flattened by the last glacial period. . . .

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What I Learned on My First Trip for Northern Pike

Written by: Chuck Coolidge

The author hoists his first northern pike on a fly. Can you tell he’s excited?
Photos by Chuck Coolidge

Wisconsin is well-known for its solid predator fishing, and muskies get almost all the attention. However, there’s another member of the Esox genus that’s significantly more abundant and, some would say just as fun, that you can fish for year round: . . .

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