The Arizona Wild Trout Challenge, Day Three

The gray rocks gave this guy the perfect hiding place, and for his size in the small steam, he was a blast to catch.

We ended Day Two with about a four-hour drive to the next destination. After setting up camp in the dark again, we finally got to relax and reflect on the day’s adventure. The next species on. . .

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Photo: “Orvis Girls” on the Run in Southwestern Montana

Written by: Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Maggie (left) and Jenny shared a three-day tour of some of Montana’s iconic trout waters.
Photos by Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

We are #orvisgirls

The genesis of this was two years ago in Missoula, Montana at the Orvis Guide Rendevous. In a very male-dominated sport, it was no surprise that the few talented and able female anglers. . .

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Video: “Seasons of the Stone” Teaser

Here’s a great trailer for for an upcoming production called “Seasons of the Stone,” which will follow a group of ten female anglers across three states and 1,000 miles in the Greater. . .

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Photos: Into the Arizona Wilderness for Gila Trout

Written by: Tyler Coleman

Wild Gila trout are among the rarest trout in the U.S., found only in Arizona and New Mexico.
Photos by Tyler Coleman

Here are a few pictures from our trip spent chasing native wild trout in a remote creek in Arizona. After many setbacks–one being a major car accident that had shutdown the freeway, causing. . .

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