Photos: The End of a Long Wyoming Winter

Written by: Bob Reece, Reece’s Thin Air Angler

Ice-out means that fish become more active and start feeding in earnest after a long winter.
Photos by Bob Reece

On the wall above my son’s bed sits a torch. Battery operated, this mass-produced element of the Minecraft game glows soothing green when bedtime rolls around. This past week, the glow . . .

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Video: A 2017 Showreel of Fly Fishing and More

Although many of us may define ourselves by our love for fly fishing, the vast majority of us have other sporting interests, and I dig it when videos attempt to portray fly fishing as part of a . . .

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The Magic of Pre-Runoff Fishing in Wyoming

Written by: Spencer Durrant

One of the beauties of pre-runoff fishing is that rivers are often uncrowded.
Photo courtesy Spencer Durrant

I grew up in a fishing family. My grandfather tied flies commercially for 27 years (a bit of that rubbed off on me, thankfully), and one of my earliest memories is standing in a stream with. . .

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Video: “Seasons of the Stone” Teaser

Here’s a great trailer for for an upcoming production called “Seasons of the Stone,” which will follow a group of ten female anglers across three states and 1,000 miles in the Greater. . .

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