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Introducing a New Fly-Fishing Video Project: “Tributaries”

Written by: RC Cone

What it’s all about: releasing a fat Bahamas bonefish.
Photo by RC Cone

Greetings from Andros Island! “What ya saying?” is a local Bahamian greeting that I’m starting to use every day. Allow me to introduce myself and my new project. I’m RC Cone and I’m currently in production on my second. . .


Photo of the Day: An Unusual Flats Target

Written by: Phil Monahan

Mutton snapper are tough to fool and fight hard.
photo by photo courtesy Greg Vincent

Here is a cool pic of a sight-caught mutton snapper on the flats, something we like to concentrate on in the late spring and summer months here on Grand Bahama and especially as part of our
No Boundaries program. A true sight-caught mutton snapper is a rare catch on the flats for fly fishermen these days, but we are fortunate to be one of the very few places where an angler has realistic. . .