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Hunting Dog Crates for Trucks: Safe Travels

By: Orvis Staff

Scott McEnaney, of Orvis Adventures, keeps his hunting dogs safe while traveling to and from the woods.
Photo by Phil Monahan

You take every precaution to keep your gun dog safe in the field through extensive training and protective equipment. But sometimes less attention is paid to a dog’s safety on the road to an upland or waterfowl hunting excursion. Many people, hunters and non-hunters alike, have a false sense of security about riding in cars with dogs. They allow them to sit in the backseat without wearing dog harnesses, or walk loose in the truck bed instead of traveling in dog crates.


How to Board a Dog

By: Sarah Hall Weaver

Photo by Kathryn, Cambridge

While your pooch may be an experienced jet setter, traveling with dogs in tow is not always an option. Many pet owners must resort to boarding dogs due to restrictive vacation destinations, work-related travel, family emergencies, or major home renovations—occasions when it’s simply in the dog’s best interest to board elsewhere temporarily.