Check the Date . . . .

Photo by Dave Hosler

Although these dog waders look awesome, we haven’t really made them. (Kudos to Orvis graphic designer James Daley for the incredible PhotoShop work.) Some dogs just love to get wet, and we can’t deny them that joy. However, we do make incredible PRO Waders for men and women, and we’ve also got loads of wonderful products–such as dog beds, toys, and furniture protectors–to help make dog’s lives better. Click the links below!

38 thoughts on “Check the Date . . . .”

  1. Well my Beagle is very disappointed, so much that she just had to go lay down she was really looking forward to running Rainbow’s now that she’s retired from running Wabbit’s. I told her maybe next year.

    1. You should consider making these. My working dog would benefit from staying clean underneath from splashing himself when walking on rainy days!

  2. Wait. So what you are saying is I can’t order them? Dog-gone-it……..well done Orvis…….sincerely Sophie’s owner

  3. That was the greatest!! Kudo’s to the design team. You may have enough clicks on this to actually make them… Another reason I love your company and all it does. Keep it up! MP

  4. I’m glad someone is finally producing quality waders for my Drahthaars. But what they really need are sling packs to carry my extra fly boxes!

  5. Hysterical, but got me thinking. These would be awesome if they only had a space to put their nets.

  6. your marketing team deserves a bit, fat promotion – hysterical! Orvis for the marketing win today!!!

  7. Agree with the others. I was ready to buy 2 sets. Clicked on more info and laughed my butt off. Got me good Orvis!

  8. I knew it had to be a joke, but my Aussie hates getting wet…so I was hoping! Lol let’s be real, he’s embarrassed to wear his booties, so waders are probably out. Do you sell drying coats, though?

  9. This is AWESOME. You went all out! Thanks for the laughs, much needed. I love my pups/buddies. If there was such a thing, I may even consider buying them. My Pro waders are awesome. I’m sure the pup waders would have the same quality.

    Again…thanks Orvis!! Hilarious.

  10. Made my day. I loved some of the responses. Kudos to team Orvis for providing some well needed humor during these dismal times.

  11. When we showed the pro dog waders to our two labs , they both said “what? … wait…. , really?”
    The girl pup asked if they had other colors available.
    Made our day! Thanks Orvis

  12. Orvis, you just went up a couple notches in my book. Customer for life! May be a couple more years., who knows?

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