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Although a homegrown bamboo fly rod would be awesome, scientists still haven’t quite figured out a way to make this work. (The fictional Doctor Paoles is named for the taxonomic Order of bamboo.) However, Orvis does have the technology to create the world’s finest fly rods, to fit a variety of budgets—from the handcrafted works of art by bamboo-rod craftsman Shawn Brillon, to the best-in-class graphite H3, to the introductory Encounter series. Click the photo below to find the right fly rod for you!

43 thoughts on “Check the Date . . . .”

  1. I wrote myself a note and taped it on my phone this morning to not accept any phone calls or texts from my son today because he always gets me with an April Fool’s joke. Congratulations Orvis! You got me hook, line and sinker. Very clever!

  2. Ok, you got me!!!! As I was sitting here reading this, thinking to myself, there’s no way!!! The tonkin cane only grows well in China, all bamboo has nodes, there’s no way on God’s green earth, how’s a tiptop ever going to fit??? I clicked on the buy it and tada, you got me. LOL

  3. You had me going there. Because of my age and in-spite of the fact that I live in tropical Florida, I was unsure if I would outlast the growing cycle. Rest assured that I will continue using my Orvis rods that have afforded me a life time of pleasure.

  4. I was just bemoaning the fact that no one pulls pranks on April 1st anymore like they did in my youth. And then I got Orvis’s email! You got me! I sent it to my brother, who has been a passionate fly fisherman for decades, and he has yet to find out the truth!
    Best April Fool’s Day prank ever!

  5. Great job guys. You had me for most of it but I figured it out just before the end. I thought the complete with guides part was just a bit too much! Loved the idea of even being able to select rod length.

  6. Much appreciated. You got me. We all need a good laugh.
    Thank you, and happy April Fool’s Day to you.

  7. I just couldn’t figure it out, no plans to buy but just curious and then the punch line had me laughing. Well done Orvis, you made my morning.

  8. While I was reading this entire email, you had my attention I was looking for the price of this particular bamboo Tippet type this is definitely priceless

  9. Well, I was hooked as well, but it did give me a brainstorm. I own Lake Creek Lodge in Camp Sherman, OR, and have been an Orvis customer, contributor and admirer since we purchased the resort in 2003. Orvis matched all donations to purchase the Metolius Preserve, 1,240 acres, through which Lake Creek flows on its way through our property and on to the Metolius River. Thank you. For 10 years, Roger and Kathy White at the Camp Sherman Store sponsored a 3-day “Bamboo Rod Fair” in Camp Sherman, which was very successful and attracted large attendance. It has been inactive for about the past six years, but we plan to revive it at Lake Creek Lodge in May of 2024. Would Orvis be interested in working with us as a co-sponsor on this event? Let’s talk!

  10. Oh, I had my credit card out and was ready to plant bamboo! You really got me on this one!

  11. You had me there!! Good one!! If I wasn’t such a “black thumb” when it comes to gardening, the “hook” would have gone deeper into my gullible brain!!!

  12. Wonderful!! I was going to my hand made teak reel on the rod! Still laughing! Thanks for the smile!

  13. I love the fact that a larger company like Orvis can have a sense of humor. Not sure if you do something like this every year, but this is the first time I have seen something like this from you. Awesome job building a pretty credible story line – all the way to the bamboo rod growing out of the planter with the line guide already on it.

    Until next year!

  14. Such an interesting story & I told my husband to buy me a kit for Mother’s Day!
    I’ll never hear the end of this April Fools joke;)

  15. Yup I was definitely intrigued. Because 40 plus years ago Orvis use to sell rod making kits. Which I built a beautiful graphite 9 ft 3 inch rod. You could rejuvenate That with a split bamboo rod making kit. Ps best April Fools joke played on me in years. Well done

  16. I was so ready to spend the $$ to grow one of these at home…then went to the page that said it was an April Fool’s joke. I’m actually disappointed! Guess I’ll have to save up for a “real” bamboo pole!

  17. I would have been so disappointed if there had not been that SIGN held by two Jolly Folks!
    Good Going, JF.
    And, Thank You Orvis!

  18. Best April Fools gag since George Plimpton’s “tale” of Sid’s Finch in SI years ago. Anybody remember that?

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