Check the Date, Please . . . .

Although a human-size dog bed looks cozy and comfortable, we haven’t really made one. (Kudos to theatrical property master Ken Mooney, of Ken Mooney Restoration & Design, for creating our mock-up.) Nope, we’ll stick with what we know and do it better than anyone else: making dogs’ lives better.

And we do make the world’s best Dog Beds—from Memory Foam Bolster Beds, to ComfortFill-Eco™ Couches, to AirFoam Platform Dog Beds. We’ve got the perfect bed to help your best friend rest easily and recover from an active day. To learn which of our Dog Beds is right for your best friend, Click the link below!

22 thoughts on “Check the Date, Please . . . .”

  1. Brilliant…you had me totally fooled!! I believed it — i had to read the comments to understand it was a prank!

  2. We’d just purchase a new mattress for ourselves, and I thought , “darn, why didn’t I see this sooner”. Good one !

  3. Picked up a couple of beds at the Manchester Outlet store last winter and our two dogs love them. All of their time spent not playing is in these beds. They sometimes both cram into the same one. They are both around 45 pounds and it is amusing but so cute.
    Orvis dog beds rule !!!

  4. Can you really make one of these for humans? I want to buy one! My husband knew it was a joke. I thought it was for real!

    1. Me Too movement should start up for these beds for humans. Stack the full size on top of the foot part to heighten the seat to be a couch for a small apt. Make it attachable to top with strong straps in the back and sides to keep it from slipping. Please, my step daughter could use it in her “wee” living room space. How easy it would be to transport to a different location! This is an item that would sell great!!
      This is NO April Fool’s Day idea…….!

  5. Agree with previous comments – was hooked until I watched the video. Was a bit over the top. But I want one! I had several of your beds for my aged lab, was envious. Gave the beds to family for their dogs when I lost her. All dogs love them!

  6. This was just the best April Fool’s prank EVER!! I actually laughed out loud!! Thank you for doing this because we all need some silliness in our lives. Bravo!! Well done!!

  7. Oh wow! Got me good! I was so excited to order one ( I have 4 dogs and 7 Orvis beds!!
    I was in car w boyfriend thinking , I can get a single size bc I’ll use it watching tv! ( still think you’d actually sell these ! Rotfl )
    The only odd thing was this names of the different sizes !
    I was ready to order ! Thanks ! Made my month!

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