Have You Checked the Date?

Isn’t the PhotoShop work by Orvis Designer Jonathan Frederick just great?

Although there are times when an all-in-one tool might come in handy, we haven’t actually produced the beastly MegaTÜL™, which, in all honesty, would probably lead to some back problems for some anglers. However, we do make the world’s best fly-fishing gear–from rods and reels to nippers. It may not be in a single tool, but whatever you need when you’re on the water, we’ve got it.

22 thoughts on “Have You Checked the Date?”

  1. I just had to click on it…even though I knew it was a joke…you guys are hilarious! I would buy it

  2. Just the “yuck” I needed for a “Monday” April Fool’s! Thanks for having a good sense of humor.

  3. Thank God it was a joke! I thought, they will never sell one of these things! You got me ! Good job!

  4. It was the inclusion of the camp chair that sold the idea to me. I have been known to take a chair to river, and literally fish in the middle of the stream/river from my chair.
    Great April Fools and very glad to see an American company that’s still not afraid to laugh at themselves.

  5. Can you get the chair as a stand alone, that seems to be a lot of weight to carry on your back?

  6. Needs a life vest, and self inflating life raft if you fall in the stream, and MegaTUL lands on your chest!

  7. I’ve been waiting all day for this since it is April 1. Throw in a 3 person Cataraft with fly fishing frame and I’m all in.

  8. Need an ice fishing version (with a hut on skids and a gasoline -fueled auger attached)! Of course, you will need a much larger harness to carry it.

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