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Video and Story: “Overboard” on the Green River

Written by: Kris Millgate, www.tightlinemedia.com

Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate and her husband, Jim, fish the Green for their anniversary.
Photo courtesy Charlie Card

It’s 2011. I’m on Utah’s Green River shooting my first film for Trout Unlimited. The Green is a marvelous blue ribbon running through red rock. I need to see every stretch of it because there’s . . .


Fish Facts: Colorado River Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhyncus clarkii pleuriticus)

Written by: Phil Monahan

This Colorado River cutthroat, from southern Utah, displays dark, rich colors.
Photo by Mike Hadley

Considered one of the more beautiful trout in North America, the Colorado River cutthroat trout (Oncorhyncus clarkii pleuriticus) once inhabited the high-elevation streams and lakes of the Green . . .


Videos: Completing the Utah Cutthroat Slam

Written by: Phil Monahan

Paul Thompson shows the stunning colors of a wild, native Bonneville cutthroat.
Photo by Phil Monahan

We’ve posted three times about the fantastic new Utah Cutthroat Slam program, which requires anglers to land the state’s four native subspecies—Bear River, Bonneville, Yellowstone, and . . .


Story and Photos: Discovering Utah Through the Cutthroat Slam

Written by: Tyler Coleman

Catching native trout in their native range teaches us a lot about conservation. Plus, it’s a blast!
Photo by Tyler Coleman

After fishing the Arizona Wild Trout challenge, I was eager to find similar programs that could teach me about native trout species. One that stuck out to me was the Utah Cutthroat Slam because I . . .


Classic Photos: All Alone on the Green River

Big, beautiful rainbows are only part of the reason one fishes in Flaming Gorge.
All photos by Ryan Kelly

As John Gierach once wrote, “Fly fishing for trout is a sport that depends not so much on catching the fish as their mere presence and on the fact that you do, now and again, catch some.” Gierach states so plainly (rightly so, I believe) the eternal truth that anyone who regards fly fishing as. . .


Photos: Discovering Utah Through the Cutthroat Slam

Written by: Aaron Smith

The Colorado River cutthroat trout is one of the four subspieces that make up the Utah Slam.
Photos by Aaron Smith

I first heard about the Utah Cutthroat Slam—which requires anglers to catch all four of Utah’s native cutthroat trout subspecies in their historic range—just days after it had been introduced. The . . .


Classic Story: Learning Not to Count Fish in the High Uintas

Written by: Chris Morgan

The brook trout in the high country were not picky, and they threw themselves at our dry flies.
All photos by Chris Morgan, Two Sherpas

It took me over a decade of living in Utah before I successfully ventured into the nearby Uinta Mountain range and discovered what many people already knew—that we have a gorgeous, high altitude wilderness just hours from. . .


Pro Tips: How to Fish the High Water of Spring

Written by: Spencer Durrant

High water presents anglers with plenty of challenges, whether you’re fishing from a boat or wading.
Photo by Spencer Durrant

From the Colorado River drainage to the Snake, western rivers are high, muddy, and a pain to fish. If you know where clean water is, you keep it close to your vest because this spring is so . . .


Photos: Bentley’s Brown and Unique Hero Shot

Written by: Spencer Higa

No standard grip-and-grins for Bentley. He wants a real hero shot with his brown trout.
Photos courtesy Spencer Higa

Six-year-old Bentley is just learning to fly-fish, and he and his mom went looking for trout on the Lower Provo River here in Utah. Bentley ended up landing this sweet brown, but he wanted . . .