Pro Tips: Understanding the Seasons of Patagonia

Written by: John Bleh, Rio Manso, 2015 Orvis Endorsed International Destination of the Year
You can tailor a Patagonia trip to fit your desires and angling preferences. All photos courtesy Rio Manso Lodge
Everyone has a favorite type of fly fishing, and probably a favorite time of year to fish. As the seasons unfold in Argentina's Patagonia region, the fishing changes, as well. From the
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Pro Tips: An Angler’s Guide to Argentina

Written by: Jeremy Kehrein, Sporting Travel Program Manager for Orvis Adventures
An angler casts on Rio Malleo, as the volcano Lanin looms in the background. Photo courtesy San Huberto Lodge
Asked to create a hierarchy of fly-fishing dream destinations, many anglers would put Argentina up at the top. Since the late 1950s, when Joe Brooks first wrote about the rivers of Patagonia in. . .
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Travel Tips: Where to Go for Your First Flats-Fishing Trip

A Grand Bahama Island bonefish.
My younger brother recently asked me where he should go for his first flats-fishing trip. He's a longtime trout, bass, and striper fisherman, but he's never tried the tropics. As far as I’m . . .
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Norway’s River of Gold: The Atlantic Salmon of the Gaula

The salmon caught on the Gaula are often just hours out of the salt, sporting sea lice on their gill plates. Photo by Sandy Hays
As we all know, but may be loath to admit, luck is a vital component of success in nearly every fly-fishing situation. The concept is so ingrained in the consciousness of every angler, in fact, that. . .
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Meet the Winners of the 2018 Orvis-Endorsed Awards!

This is the easy part of being a guide: Josh Duchateau of Firehole Ranch shares in success on the Madison River. But there is so much more work, behind the scenes and on the water, that makes for a magical day. Photo by Phil Monahan
Each year, for thirty-two years, the Orvis Company has recognized excellence in sporting experiences through its Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters, and Guides Program (ELOG). These . . .
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Photos: Business-Trip Bones in The Bahamas

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Travel
Conditions on South Andros look pretty perfect for Dan's pre-conference check-in. Photos courtesy Dan Davala
I had to be in Nassau, The Bahamas, for a conference today, so I flew in a few days early to swing by a couple of our Orvis Endorsed Lodges on South Andros Island. I managed a nice DIY . . .
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Video: Hang Tight in Slovenia

Here's a great trailer for an upcoming film--from Brothers on the Fly, a German/Swedish filmmaking team, and Matt Calderaro of Soca Cowboy--about one man's Quixotic quest to catch a marble . . .
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5 Things You Need to Know about Travel to Cuba

Written by: Sarah Thies, Manager of Orvis Travel
Cuba's pristine flats, stunning fish, and experienced guides are still welcoming American visitors.
If you’ve been thinking about visiting Cuba, you're probably aware that the federal government has just announced a new policy that features tougher restrictions on American travelers. This has . . .
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