Video: How to Tie the Top Secret Midge

Pat Dorsey is a legendary guide, fly tier, and author who works out of the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado. Although anyone who has been on the water as long as Pat has can . . .
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Video: “The Three Wise Men” in Northern Norway

It seems as if Norway has an endless supply of great fishing opportunities and talented filmmakers willing to document them. Here's a glorious production from Håvard Thomassen, chronicling a . . .
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Best Dog Gifts for Christmas [2018]

Your best friend hopes to find something exciting under the tree on Christmas morning.

The very best dog gifts are a mix of functional, durable, and fun. Sturdy dog beds that hold up to constant chewing. Dog crates that are rugged, comfy, and portable. Dog toys your best friend can enjoy well beyond Christmas morning.

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A Guide to Dog Coat Types

Not all dog coats are the same.
From the neat, flat coat of the Labrador Retriever to the abundant shaggy mop of the Old English Sheepdog, a dog’s coat type is one of his most distinguishing features. Dog coat type refers to the differences in texture and length of the fur, and . . .
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Video: How to Store Fly-Tying Materials

Once you’ve been tying for a while, you’ll have amassed quite a few different kinds of fly-tying materials, and you’ll need a way to store and organize them. Tim says that he’s tried many different methods but keeps . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Trout in Lakes

A river may run through it, but there are also lots of trout that live in lakes and ponds. In this great how-to video from The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer and Phil Rowley walk you through the basics of . . .
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Pro Tips: Tim’s Top 3 Streamers for Winter in Montana

Winter fishing can be very rewarding. Here are some tips on winter streamer fishing, including my three favorite Montana winter streamers. During the winter, a trout’s metabolism slows down considerably, . . .
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#MomentofChill 12.11.18: Gnawing in the Sun

Today's #MomentofChill is from Trey Mullen of One Reel Media House, and it stars an adorable puppy working on his chompers. His eyes are otherworldly. Chewing in curiosity-seeking puppies and . . .
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