Are Ticks Active in Winter?

By: Orvis Staff
An adult eastern deer tick, one of the prime vectors of Lyme disease. Photos courtesy the United States Department of Agriculture, via Wikipedia

Yes—ticks are active in winter, but their abundance and exploits are tied closely to the temperature. When it’s around the freezing mark, you won’t likely run across ticks when you go hunting or hiking with your dog. But when temps rise just above . . .
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Video: “Pure High”

In the fourth episode of Fly Fusion TV's third season, "Pure High," Fly Fusion magazine editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan plan to fish a well-known stream, but due to fire closures, they end up high in the Rockies on a small lake at the base of a . . .
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Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

Labrador retrievers are legendary for their loyalty. Photo via facebook.com/wildrosekennels

Full-body wags. Sitting with devotion in the window until you pull into the driveway. Stepping boldly between you and any possible threat. Your dog shows her affection and loyalty in countless ways. But why are dogs so loyal to their people? It’s a question dog lovers have long pondered, and one scientists are researching more often.

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Reconsidering Hunting “Plantations”

Neal Jr. works one of his seven Pointers in the Plantation country.
Because I live in Atlanta, many of my adventures in bird hunting and gun dogs occur on plantations. When I share my stories with people, they are often surprised by this reference. Response to the word “plantation” is not always positive, due to . . .
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Master Class Monday: Understanding a Trout’s Lateral Line

Knowing how a trout uses its lateral line can help interest trout in your dry fly or nymph. The lateral line is not just important for night-feeding or for avoiding predators. Trout use this sense while . . .
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Pro Tips: How to Fight Big Fish

Written by: Brian McGeehan, Montana Angler Fly Fishing
Even experienced anglers don't get many shots a really big fish, so it's best to be prepared to make each one count. Photos courtesy Montana Angler (except where noted)
There is a natural evolution in the sport of fly fishing. Early in an angler's initiation to the sport, hooking and landing any fish is paramount. Over time, though, a fly fisher slowly begins to improve his or her skills, . . .
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#MomentofChill 11.19.18: Fall Friends

Today’s #MomentofChill is all about the joy in a relationship between a child and a dog. According to a research survey by the American Kennel Club, growing up with a dog benefits a child in many ways. . . .
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#MomentofChill 11.18.18: Autumn View

The Cobble is a rocky outcropping atop the ridge behind Orvis headquarters, on the western edge of the Green Mountains, in Sunderland, Vermont. The view across the valley reveals the Taconic Range, . . .
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