Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Florida’s new Governor, Ron DeSantis, made the environment a centerpiece of his campaign, but environmentalists wanted to see if he’d put his money where his mouth is. So far, the signs are promising, as Governor DeSantis . . .
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Photo of the Day: Perfect Timing

Roberts says he captured this image during a brief interlude between hookups on a banner day on the Green. Photo by Doug Roberts, Old Moe Guide Service
Utahn Doug Roberts--who runs Old Moe Guide Service, based in the town of Dutch John, sent in this killer photo of a big brown getting ready to send a blue-winged olive down the hatch. Huge . . .
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Video: Why Fish Will Hold in Front of Rocks

Anglers talk a lot about "the fish behind that rock," but too many of us overlook the trout lie in front of that rock. In this great video from The New Fly Fisher, Colin McKeown explains why fish will hold in the hydro cushion or . . .
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Video: How to Tie Landon Mayer’s Mini-Leech

Well known guide and author Landon Mayer's Mini Leech is a perfect expression of his theory about "non-escaping prey"--that is, trout food that can't swim or float away. There are times when trout are willing to chase down their . . .
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Tuesday Tips: The Basics of “Reading the Water”

The author casts to a spot that provides deep water, near cover, on the edge of good current. Photo by Sandy Hays
Conventional wisdom says that 10 percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish. Most people assume that these elite “10 percenters” enjoy so much success because of their superior . . .
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Is That a Real Service Dog? (Or Is it Just Someone’s Pet?)

Looks can be deceiving—do you know how to spot a fake service dog? In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of “Assistance Animals” turning up in public places, helping their handlers who suffer from a wide variety of disabilities and afflictions. At the same time, unfortunately, there has also been an increase in confusion about these animals, which has sparked some controversy. This can be distressing to those who legitimately depend on a service dog to help cope with everyday life.

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Pet Adoption Statistics: The Numbers Behind the Need

Each year millions of companion animals enter shelters. Hundreds of thousands are currently in need of homes. Here’s the good news: pet overpopulation has slowed dramatically since the 1970s, when it’s estimated American animal shelters euthanized between 12 and 20 million cats and dogs every year. Compare that to today, when only three to four million animals must be euthanized annually. And here’s another telling fact: in the 1970s there were 67 million pets in American homes, and today there are more than 135 million. In other words, we invite far more animals into our families these days and euthanize far fewer, perhaps suggesting a paradigm shift in how we think about animal stewardship.

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Check Out the New #5050ontheWater Profiles Page

The first batch of bios offer a diverse tribe of women who love the sport.
Last year, we launched the 50/50 on the Water website to inspire and celebrate women in the sport we all love. In its first couple years, the #5050onthewater campaign has made great strides, and women from all over the world have joined Orvis in this . . .
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