#MomentofChill 12.09.18: Spiny Norman

Today's #MomentofChill is from Todd Moen of CATCH Magazine, and it stars one of the many strange creatures that inhabit the Land Down Under. . .
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#MomentofChill 12.08.18: The Mating Dance

Today’s #MomentofChill is from young Matteo Moretti, a student at nearby Middlebury College. It shows the mesmerizing dance of mayfly spinners over a lovely stream. The final stage of a . . .
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Classic Photos: A New “Exotic” European Destination?

Written by: Vito Rubino, Fly Fishing Specialist at Orvis UK
The Italian Alps offer spectacular scenery, gorgeous rivers, and a variety of target species. Photos by Vito Rubino
I like to think that, in a couple of years, Italy will be the "new Slovenia." Here we are talking about the Alps in in the Trentino region--in the far north of the country--where you can catch marble . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Communicate with Your Guide

Establishing the "clock face" ensures that you and your guide are pointing in the same direction.
When you're standing on the bow of a flats boat, things can happen pretty fast. One of the keys to success is good communication with your guide. Because he (or she) is better trained and has a higher vantage point, he's probably going to. . .
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Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival 12.07.18

Welcome to the latest edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, in which we scour the Web for the best fly-fishing videos available. This week, we offer 11 great videos, featuring . . .
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Story and Photos: Learning to Love The Driftless Area

Written by: Len Harris, Jr.
The tiny spring creeks of the driftless hold some of the most colorful browns you could imagine. Photos by Len Harris, Jr.
Many folks don’t know the meaning of the term driftless. It is an area in the Midwest--comprising parts of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin--that was not flattened by the last glacial period. . . .
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#MomentofChill 12.07.18: Plains Bison

The bison (Bison bison) of Yellowstone have inhabited the region continuously since prehistoric times. The Yellowstone herd is the nation’s largest on public land, and their genetics have. . .
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Video: “120 Days,” Chasing Tarpon with a Madman

David Mangum of Shallow Water Expeditions has been a fixture on this blog for years--both for his guiding and his video work. Now Mangum is the subject of a new film from Felt Soul Media . . .
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