Exploring Zach Collier’s Important Place

Written by: Zach Collier

Kayaking on the North Fork of the Smith River.
Photo by Nate Wilson

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blog is a part of the America’s Most Endangered Rivers® series highlighting the Rogue and Smith rivers in Oregon and California. Our guest blogger is Zach Collier, a river guide, photographer and owner of the Northwest Rafting Company. Zach has a special place in his heart for these beautiful wild rivers. Join us as we celebrate the Rogue and Smith rivers in Oregon and California throughout September, and be sure to take action before the deadline of September 25!

My passion for Southwest Oregon’s rugged and remote Kalmiopsis Country began with kayak trips down California’s North Fork of the Smith River, whose headwaters begin in the. . .

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New Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden to Open Next Spring

The center is named for Ralph Perkins II, who was passionate about nature before his tragic death at a young age.

Leigh H. Perkins bought The Orvis Company in 1965, and the family has owned and run the Manchester, Vermont-based company ever since. (Leigh’s sons, Perk and Dave, now serve as. . .

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TU 1,000 Miles: Talk about a Great Investment!


How’s this for a piece of paradise?!
Photo by Phil Monahan

Everybody loves a good investment! As the Orvis/Trout Unlimited 1,000 Miles Campaign wraps up the 2015 culvert repair season, have we got a deal for you! All through September Orvis will match your donation, dollar for dollar…but wait, there’s more: . . .

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Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: Impatient Brookies…and how you can help!

Native Brook Trout take advantage of a plastic lined diversion stream
Photo by Trout Unlimited

So how would you feel about having to wait thirty years to spawn?! Yeah, us too. But before we send you off to read about how Orvis and TU solved this frustrating situation for a bunch of. . .

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TU 1,000 Miles: Collaboration Key to Success

Day 1, July 24, 2015
Photo by Joe Norton

If you’ve ever wondered about the “how” of a culvert replacement project, TU’s Joe Norton invites us along on this beautifully documented project at Wood’s Brook, on the Indian Stream. . .

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Orvis Raleigh: Loose on the Neuse

Loose on the Neuse July 19th, 2015

We have all heard the expression “load the boat,” but usually we are referring to whatever fish species we are after that day. Just over a week ago, associates at Orvis Raleigh set out to. . .

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American Rivers: Progress on the Iconic Columbia

Dams throughout the Columbia watershed continue to cut off salmon from their spawning grounds.

The Columbia River may very well top the list in a conversation about iconic western river systems. Deemed the second most endangered river by American Rivers, the flows and eddies of the Columbia are far different than the ones paddled by Lewis and Clark in this nations first great western adventure…

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: Saving Stripes

Photo by Frank AF Petersens via Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

This sub-population of Grevy’s has become a focal point in Lewa’s research which has contributed to improving the long term national strategy plan. Earlier this spring a monumental field mission took place, Marwell Wildlife conservation biologist Dr. Zeke Davidson set out with a team from Lewa and KWS staff in an effort to…

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