Podcast: How To Find Great Carp Fishing

[Interview starts at 46:00]

In our campaign to take pressure off our over-stressed trout rivers during this hot, dry summer, I figured a great topic would be how to find carp-fishing spots. Not every place that holds carp is conducive to fly fishing, but when you find the right spot, you’ll discover endlessly fascinating opportunities to catch these often difficult gamefish that will test your drag like no other freshwater fish (besides steelhead and salmon). So I enlisted Dan Frasier to talk about how to find the best carp spots, when and where to target them, how to present the fly, and how to determine when a carp has eaten your fly. Carp are tough and resilient, and you don’t need to worry about warm water temperatures hurting them. Next to trout, they’re the most interesting fish to chase in fresh water and the closest you’ll get to saltwater flats fishing without leaving home.

In the Fly Box, as usual we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • Do certain trout get acclimated to either very high or low temperature regimes?
  • Why do I foul hook a lot of fish when Euro nymphing?
  • Why does my Euro rig break above the tippet ring?
  • A casting tip using the analogy of a tomato on a stick
  • Does Orvis have a secret warehouse full of older discontinued products?
  • How can I keep track of tiny emergers in the surface film?
  • Do you recommend felt soles or rubber with cleats for wading boots?
  • When fishing for panfish, does having an indicator on the leader hinder my presentation when I strip the fly?
  • Why are my surgeon’s knots breaking when using 10-pound test for panfish?
  • What is the difference between regular CDC and CDC puffs?
  • Some tips from a listener on traveling with fly-fishing gear
  • Is it OK to hold a fly rod on the blank above the grip when playing a large fish?
  • A tip from a listener on using a lint roller to keep the fly-tying desk clean
  • Is there any reason to put fly dressing on a yarn strike indicator?
  • Will my freshwater reels work OK in salt water?
  • Why do my foam dry flies sometimes land upside-down?

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