Podcast: The Fiberglass Manifesto, with Cam Mortenson

This week, I have an interesting chat with Cameron Mortenson, the man behind the wildly popular blog The Fiberglass Manifesto. Learn how he got started, what he does for his day job, and of course his thoughts on the state of the fiberglass-fly-rod world today. And of course we talk about why someone would even want a glass rod and what advantages they offer.

In the Fly Box this week, we explore the following topics and questions:

  • A great tip for keeping your hands warm for cold-weather fishing
  • A great tip for relieving neck and upper-back pain while fishing
  • Can I fix a broken Poly Leader?
  • How do I remove the smell from flies I have coated with UV-cure epoxy?
  • What switch rod is best for stripers?
  • Has the Koi Foundation been established yet? And if I want to practice for koi fishing, can I try for the goldfish in my backyard pond?
  • How to lessen foul-hooking trout when fishing a nymph with a dropper.
  • Will long stretches of straight, shallow water be devoid of trout in small streams?
  • Can I use a Poly Leader for nymph fishing? And can I use split shot instead of a Poly Leader for streamer fishing?
  • What does “turning over the fly” mean?
  • Can I tightline-nymph for steelhead using my 10-foot 7-weight rod?
  • What is the most versatile sinking line to get if I only have a floating line now?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Cam Mortenson with a glass-caught redfish.
Photo courtesy Cameron Mortenson

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