Photos: The Development of the Fly Reel in the 19th Century

The age of this reel is unknown, but it shows basic features we still use today.
all photos by Tim Bronson

In 15th century England, anglers didn’t use reels at all: They simply tied a braided horsehair line to the tip of a long rod. (Dapping and Tenkara operate on the same principle.) But by the 18th. . .

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Winter on the Madison Can Be a Blast

Written by: John McKinnie

A bluebird day on the Madison chases the winter blues away.
All photos by John McKinnie

We were headed to the Madison on a blustery January day. We departed the ranch around 8 a.m. with the temperatures hovering around 5 degrees. As we drove through the Gallatin Canyon. . .

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Classic Story and Photos: Fly-Fishing for Monsters

The bowfin is an indiscriminate predator. It seems all mouth, when viewed from the front,
and its conical teeth would do a number on your skin.
Photo by Phil Monahan

The first time I ever heard of bowfin was about seven years ago, when I was ice-fishing for pike on Lake Champlain with a couple of friends from Orvis—I didn’t work here yet—and a few of. . .

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5 Rivers Odyssey, Part I: Trouble on the Deschutes

During my time on the 5 Rivers Odyssey, I was tasked with being in charge of the greater Deschutes area, a place that I became very close to over the course of a week. Our time on the Deschutes River was spent with numerous stakeholders—from fly . . .

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Photos: A Fish Every Month for 5 Years

You know you have a fishing problem when you schedule a knee surgery around your fishing schedule! I’ve been trying to see how long I can go catching at least one fish a month. When I tore my meniscus earlier this year I postponed the surgery . . .

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Photos: How Do You Know She’s “The One”?

During our engagement, my wife and I discovered our mutual love for fly fishing. It was the perfect way for us to spend our weekends, doing what we love: being active and spending time out in nature. We live in Clemson, South Carolina, and usually . . .

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“20 Days in September”: How Did You Do?

The end of September always comes too soon, now that I devote so much of the month to time on the water. Good weather was a boon for those of us in the Northeast, and I managed to get out on twenty-four of the thirty days. The highlight was . . .

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