Skipping Stones on a Frozen Pond

Left to right: Nicholas, Abby, Lucinda, and Dean let their stones fly.
Photo and video by Larry Basso

Each year, we welcome the advent of winter with a hike before the snow blankets our favorite trails. Blessed to live in the Southern Berkshires—within easy access to so much of the. . .

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2016 Resolution—Be More Adventurous!

Each January, we hope for a new beginning. Most commonly, we resolve to better ourselves—to lose weight, spend less, save more, give back to our communities, keep in touch with. . .

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Hunters and Their Dogs

Pickett and the author have been through the dog’s best years in the field.
Photos by Paul Fersen

There is a myth out there that the loss of a great hunting dog is psychologically as devastating as the loss of a spouse. Unquestionably, this originated in a posturing haze of scotch and. . .

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Loop, Twist, Knot—New Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is the easiest way to add a chic finish to any outfit. And there are so many ways to wear one, from a simple, timeless knot at the neck to an intricate loop-and-twist design. With the. . .

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