Museum Pieces: An H.L. Leonard Reel to Covet

Written by: Peter Nardini, American Museum of Fly Fishing

This reel would still look great on the water today.
Photos by Sara Wilcox

Editor’s note: The American Museum of Fly Fishing is located right next to the Orvis Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont. The folks from the museum will be sharing many of the cool items from their collection in an ongoing series called “Museum Pieces.” You can take a little virtual walk through part of the museum at the bottom of this post.

Many older trout reels are surprisingly small, built to hold thin diameter silk lines. Trout lines were often shorter than they are today because shooting the line for distance was not a common. . .

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Video: Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon

Here’s a very cool piece of fly-fishing history found on Youtube: a 1960s production of “Ted Williams and Salmo Salar.” In this half-hour production distributed by Sears Roebuck & Co. . . .

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Fly Fishing History: The Beloved Brook Trout

If the eastern brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, could read and understand but a part of the praises that have been sung of him in prose and verse through all the years, what a pampered princeling and nuisance he would become! But to his credit, he has gone on being the. . .

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Video: A River of Change—The Joe Brooks Story

Here’s a cool teaser for an upcoming documentary about the great Joe Brooks, featuring parts of his story that have never been told. Brooks’s protégé, Lefty Kreh, plays an integral role in what. . .

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Remembering the Great Gordon Wickstrom

Gordon M. Wickstom
April 26, 1926—September 18, 2014
Photo via Boulder Flycasters

Last week, one of my favorite people in fly-fishing passed away at the age of 88. Gordon Wickstrom was an author, a professor of theater, a student of fly-fishing history, a passionate angler, and a man with strong. . .

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Video: Ike and Dick Go Fly Fishing

Ike without Nixon tagging along.

Here’s a cool piece of footage from the summer leading up to the 1952 presidential election, featuring Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and then-Sen. Richard M. Nixon. The two men are. . .

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